New Mexico Probate Co-Counsel

New Mexico Probate & Estate Lawyers is one of the few New Mexico law firms willing to take probate cases on a contingency fee basis. Our team is composed of trial lawyers who are most comfortable in the courtroom.


Experienced Litigation Attorneys


Contingency Fee Basis


Ancillary Probates from $1,500

Contingency Fee-Based

Many probate lawyers prefer to avoid the risk of contingency fee representation and the stress of litigation. Co-counseling is the best of both worlds. Local New Mexico probate lawyers can share representation so clients can continue to talk to and work with their trusted advisor while allowing New Mexico Probate Lawyers to handle the majority of the risk of heavy litigation.

The client never pays additional fees for the referring attorney’s involvement. We divide fees with the co-counseling attorney as allowed under the Rules of Professional Conduct, and the client gets two law firms for the same reasonable fee. We appreciate the involvement of the referring attorney because they usually have an existing relationship with the client and may understand the complex family dynamics that led to the probate dispute.

Ancillary Probate for Clients Outside New Mexico

Reasonable Flat Rates Starting at $1,500

Out of state attorneys hire us to handle property located in New Mexico. Most often this becomes necessary when someone who lives out of state but owns property in New Mexico that needs to be sold or transferred to an heir. These are called ancillary probates. We are happy to open ancillary probates for a reasonable flat rate starting at $1,500.