New Mexico Inheritance Theft

When a loved one dies, we are struck by grief and fear. For instance, a family member might have relied on their loved one to provide for them emotionally and financially. When someone loses someone close, they might become desperate and impulsive. It is just those circumstances that make people do things they might not do otherwise.

New Mexico Inheritance Theft Lawsuits

New Mexico Probate and Estate Lawyers is dedicated to ensuring that your loved one’s wishes are honored and ensuring that a desperate attempt to steal someone’s inheritance does not go unanswered. We believe that in life and death, integrity matters. The best cure for the anxiety of death is to live a life worth dying for. That’s why we only take cases we believe in and are ready and willing to honestly present those cases to a New Mexico judge or jury.

A Proven History of Winning Cases

In the many years of representing people in New Mexico, we have seen:

  • A father rob his children of their mother’s inheritance by emptying bank accounts
  • An uncle take over a family home and transfers it into his name
  • Forged signatures on deeds and false witnesses
  • A power of attorney claim used to take a dying woman’s money from her bank accounts

We have litigated with compelling evidence, including:

  • Hiring handwriting experts to compare signatures on the deed
  • Subpoenaing notaries to testify about whether they actually witnessed a signature.

We have stopped family members from living rent-free in estate property when they refuse to do the right thing and share the estate with their brothers and sisters. Death triggers anxiety, which can lead to New Mexico inheritance theft in many different forms.


We will go to court if necessary.


We only take cases we believe in.


We aim to restore justice for the deceased and their descendants.


We have a proven track record of success.

Contigency Fees Available


Don’t let the cost of litigation keep you from protecting your inheritance


For certain cases, we charge no up-front legal fees


If we accept your case on a contingency fee, we only get paid if we win your case