Estate Litigation in New Mexico

When someone tries to steal your inheritance, you may have to go to court. Our team is comprised of experienced, aggressive New Mexico trial lawyers who can help.

Examples of reasons you may need to go to court are:

  • A fraudulent will was submitted to the Court
  • The Decedent did not understand what they were doing when they signed a will
  • A will, deed, or bank account was changed to cut out a rightful heir because of the undo influence of another person
  • Questions of paternity and lawful heirship of a purported child
  • Someone stole money from the decedent before they died

Undue Influence

Claims of undue influence arise when a departed person is influenced by another person to change or alter his or her estate unnaturally. 

Contested Wills and Trusts

A will contest challenges the admission of a will to probate or seeks to revoke the probate of a will that is already pending before the probate court. 

Fiduciary Representation

The best way to protect yourself as a fiduciary is to be advised on the laws governing your position. New Mexico Probate Lawyers are here to help advise fiduciaries to help limit personal liability.