New Mexico Probate

When a loved one passes in New Mexico, it is often necessary to go through the New Mexico Courts to transfer the decedent’s assets to the rightful heirs. We can help with your New Mexico probate whether it is straightforward, complex or contested.

Complex Probates

Complex probates occur when a probate will requires more than following the statutory requirements. Examples include: estates where there are significant estate assets for the personal representative to administer and distribute, tracking down heirs that have disappeared or live in a different state, estates that are probated after three years, estates where there are community property issues or questions of paternity. Complex probates typically require more court appearances, legal research, and billable time to effectively administer the estate. New Mexico Probate Lawyers have many years of experience in complex probates and are here to help with any issues you may have.

Contested Probates

There are many times in which the heirs to an estate have reason to contest a probate. Examples of reasons to contest a probate include:

  1. An invalid will is submitted to the Court
  2. The Decedent lacked capacity to execute a will submitted to the Court
  3. A will was revised to cut out a legal or rightful heir because of the influence of another person
  4. Questions of paternity and lawful heirship of a purported child
  5. Prior acts of an heir, caregiver or interested party resulted in parts of the Estate being diverted prior to the Decedent’s death.

The types of probate litigation handled by New Mexico Probate Lawyers can be found on our “Litigation” page. New Mexico Probate Lawyers are here to help with any of your contested probate needs. Set up a consultation with us today!

Simple Probates

Simple probates are probates completed within three years of the death of a departed person and in which there are no objections to: (1) the distribution of the estate to heirs; or (2) to the appointment of a personal representative. New Mexico Probate Lawyers will handle the entire simple probate process for you and give you step by step instructions on how to effectively administer an estate to avoid future liability from heirs.

NMPEL offers affordable options that can give you peace of mind that the estate was handled correctly. For a free consultation with one of our attorneys to see whether we can help, please contact us at (505) 370-1500.